General Information

Independence: 4 October 1830 (declared from the Netherlands)

EU Accession: 25 March 1957

Area: 30,528 km2 (139th on the world ranking              

Inhabitants: 11,007,020 (76th on the world ranking

Density: 354,7 /km2 (36th on the world ranking of countries/regions)        

Municipalities: 589

Flag: vertically: dark-yellow-red

Capital: Brussels

Largest City: Brussels

Official Languages: Dutch, French and German

Religion: principally Catholicism

Demonym: Belgian

Internet TLD: .be

Currency: Euro

Time Zone: UTC+1

King: Albert II  (see history of the kings)

Prime Minister: Yves Leterme (acting)






Location: Western Europe




4 border countries: France, The Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg


1 border sea: The North Sea










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